PlexiTie at “ROMICS”

We are proud to anounce that the PlexiTie will be hosted at the ROMICS event in Rome

Romics is an International Festival dedicated to comics, animation and Games, which takes place two times a year, in April and October at Fiera di Roma. Four days of uninterrupted festival with events simultaneously in different rooms, with great guests, film shows and entertainment. More than 120,000 visitors and hundreds of stands and commercial spaces, divided into 30,000 square meters of exhibition space on; Cinema, Books, Games, Collectibles, Entertainment and areas.

You can find the PlexiTie at the “Netcity Online” stand in the Hall 7 stand n.A8B

netcity is the Italian e-commerce site that is inherent in all existing products in the world of Japanese animation and manga.

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Help us promote our IndieGogo campaign

socialnetworkNow that we are finally live on IndieGogo we need as much help as possible in propagating and protmoting this campaign, there are many things you can do, of course buying a tie is the best help you can give us but there are many other things that you can do without much hassle that can help us greatly.

We ask you just to be tempestive, help us now! before the campaign gets old or reach its end.

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The PlexiTie is on IndieGogo

getitFinally!  The PlexiTie is on IndieGogo.
We are very excited to announce the launch of the PlexiTie campaign on IndieGogo.
From today (and for the next 45 days) you can finance our project and get one (or more) of our exclusive PlexiTie.

visit our project page and wish us good luck.



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16 Alternative neckties

ziptie.mod3a_1024x1024We did some research into the world of alternative ties, after all the concept of  doing a tie out of a non conventional material is nothing new.

The choice is very wide and there are neckties for any taste and price, some are fashionable or trendy while other are fun and wacky, all share the same magnetic look that can be useful in some situations (while in some others situation the opposite is true).

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PlexiTie, what it is and how it is made.

PlexiTie coloursOur product is a necktie made of plexiglass, to be exact Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylic glass,  and is based on an our original design.

The PlexiTie is produced in three colors: deep blue, dark red and black fumè, all colors are shiny and transparent, that’s why it is very hard to represent the exact color hue in a picture, there are dramatic changes depending on the tie’s background (the color of the shirt you put the PlexiTie on, if any) and the characteristics of the ambient light and reflexes, so be aware that the “live” colours may look different from what you see in the website’s pictures. Read more ›

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The new PlexiTie teaser

YouTube Preview Image

The new teaser, with better images and some cool fx.

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Our first teaser

YouTube Preview Image

Finally our first teaser is on line, many thanks to our friend Paul Harden that was able to produce this wonderful video with the poor material we feed him 🙂 soon there will be somenthing more extended and refined.

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First prototypes are ready

PlexiTie early prototypesFinally we can get our hands on the first prototype,  Matteo worked hard this weekend to produce two complete prototypes and now we can finally see the look-and-feel of  the tie and get answers to many of our questions.

One of our main concern was the weight of the tie, plexiglass is not a light material and the possibility that in the end this product will result too heavy or cumbersome was not so remote. First prototypes show us this will not be a problem, the plexiglass tie is light and flexible enough to be as confortable as any other “classic” fabric tie.

It is too early to do a stress-test but the prototypes looks strong enough to be worn without particular problems.

Colrs and type of material are still on the work, our problem is there are a lot of type and colors available. For this project we want to keep things simple and probably we’ll sort out three or four colors among those available.

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On the road again

Four months ago we tought we were about to start, we were too optimist, this is not a bad thing, being optimist is a requirement for a crowdfunding project, but we were wrong, and this is not a good thing unless you do something to correct yourself.

And so we did, there were so many issues and so little time, and we decided to stop this project for a while  and re/think everything.

First, the prototype were amazing but not perfect, so we had to find new solutions, materials and tools to have a product we are satisfied with under all the aspect. Read more ›

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