Meet us

We are a couple of  friends that share, among many other things, a strong creative drive and a passion for new ideas. we live both in Umbria, the green heart of Italy in the very center of this wonderful country.

matteo Matteo Austeri
The Plexiglas master, he is optimistic and positive while being at the same time concrete and productive, always open to discuss new ideas and eager to put them in practice with no fear to get his hands dirty.

sandroAlessandro (Sandro) Uliana
Perfectionist, he likes endless discussions about details and possibilities and, of course, shares with Matteo the passion for new ideas and projects. He follows the web part of this project and helps (as far as he can) Matteo in the laboratory.

Our dream.
We share and ideal of a simple life doing what we like while making the world a better place for us and anyone else.

The PlexiTie project
This is an experiment to test the crowdfunding potentiality and try to raise money for further projects that we are dreaming about but we never had the possibility to concretize for lack of funding (and time, as we are enrolled in the rat’s race as anybody else).
This necktie is a simple idea and it is easy to realize even with our not so fantastic laboratory. If everything goes as expected there will be expansion  and we’ll have the possibilities to develop and deliver many other exciting projects.

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