On the road again

Four months ago we tought we were about to start, we were too optimist, this is not a bad thing, being optimist is a requirement for a crowdfunding project, but we were wrong, and this is not a good thing unless you do something to correct yourself.

And so we did, there were so many issues and so little time, and we decided to stop this project for a while  and re/think everything.

First, the prototype were amazing but not perfect, so we had to find new solutions, materials and tools to have a product we are satisfied with under all the aspect. Second, burocracy and logistic were harder to tame than we tought, and we had to change the plans to fit everything into a doable solid project.   Third, this is a side project for us, and sometimes life decide that there are other priorities, both quality and delivery are paramount for us, so we take our time to ensure that will flow as promised,no surprise.

We understand that once we start we have to dance till the end and believe it is better to act at the right moment in the right way instead to rush everything with the risk of giving a bad product or a bad service.

So, first we want to apologize for this delay with the one or two follower of this blog (I hope there will be more in the future) and ensure everyone else we are here to deliver a quality product at the best price in the best possible way.


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