First prototypes are ready

PlexiTie early prototypesFinally we can get our hands on the first prototype,  Matteo worked hard this weekend to produce two complete prototypes and now we can finally see the look-and-feel of  the tie and get answers to many of our questions.

One of our main concern was the weight of the tie, plexiglass is not a light material and the possibility that in the end this product will result too heavy or cumbersome was not so remote. First prototypes show us this will not be a problem, the plexiglass tie is light and flexible enough to be as confortable as any other “classic” fabric tie.

It is too early to do a stress-test but the prototypes looks strong enough to be worn without particular problems.

Colrs and type of material are still on the work, our problem is there are a lot of type and colors available. For this project we want to keep things simple and probably we’ll sort out three or four colors among those available.

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