16 Alternative neckties

ziptie.mod3a_1024x1024We did some research into the world of alternative ties, after all the concept of  doing a tie out of a non conventional material is nothing new.

The choice is very wide and there are neckties for any taste and price, some are fashionable or trendy while other are fun and wacky, all share the same magnetic look that can be useful in some situations (while in some others situation the opposite is true).

The most popular material is wood and there is no surprise here as this is a beautiful and very flexible material, all the wood ties have a classic look and can be worn even in more formal occasions.

You can’t say the same for the “plastic” ones that are generally funkier and creative and more suited for young people or informal occasions.

Then there are the metallic ones that surely cover an interesting niche and, looking at the sword shaped one, even a bit unsettling.

Finally we have some felt/cloth/zipper “hybrids”, an interesting concept that casts new light on the whole necktie idea.

let’s see them all.


  • woddentie1#1 Wooden Tie
    This is the simplest of the wooden tie I found, it is made of a single plain (or carved) piece of walnut wood.
  • woddentie2#Personalised Wooden Tie
    A more complex wooden tie, this is cut into section tied by an elastic thread, this gives to the tie a flexibility similar to the regular ones, it is offered in three types and personalised on request.
  • woddentie3#Handcrafted Wood Necktie
    Also this tie is made of separated pieces connected by an elastic thread, (don’t you start to see a pattern here?) the woodworking looks a bit different from the other two  and also looks like it is no more available for sale.
  • woddentie4#4 Wood Tie
    An other entry for the wood section of this post is the “wood tie” (I know, they are called all the same), these neckties differentiate from the other “woody” ones by using reclaimed wood and I suppose that’s the reason why all models are different.
  • wodden tie (5)#5 Self-built Wooden Necktie
    The last one of this wooden series is an instructable that explain in detail how to build your own wooden necktie using the popular method of separate pieces on an elastic thread
  • plexitie#6 The PlexiTie
    This is a plexiglas necktie, it follows the multi-piece thread but the connection between pieces is made by pins instead of an elastic thread, the PlexiTies are transparent and glossy and proposed for now in three different colours and length, you can find any info you want about this necktie on this website.
  • legotie#7 Lego Tie
    As you can see this is a necktie made of Lego, it is slightly flexible and it is possible to add lego pieces, that way you can transform and add colours  the way you want.
  • bubble wrap tie#8 Bubblewrap Tie
    This is an irresistible one, it’s made of bubblewrap and If you do not pop it someone else will, I suppose this one is doomed to have a short but bright life.
  • duct tape tie#9 Duct Tape Tie
    You can do almost everything with duct tape and neckties are not exception.  On the web you can find plenty of tutorials on how to build your own.
  • 8 bit tie#10 8-Bit Tie
    This is definitely the geekiest one of the list, and almost an outsider being made of fabric but, we think, worth to be included in this list.
  • washboard-tie#11 Washboard Tie
    This is a very interesting concept, this thie has a row metallic threads embedded so you can use it as a washboard to make music and rhythm.
  • metaltie1#12 Metal Necktie #1
    This is a bit unsettling, how could you feel safe with a “sword” pointed at your neck?  and, btw, if it wrinkles?, can I “iron” it?
  • metaltie2#13 Metal Necktie #2
    These are multi piece stainless steel ties that sports a very nice laser cut pattern, pieces are linked by rings or winches and it comes in three models.
  • chain mail tie#14 Chainmail Tie
    these are made out of metallic chain and are very colourful and shiny, there is a wide variety of models, from monochrome to rainbow.
  • ziptie.mod3a_1024x1024#15 Zip Tie #1
    This is a concept  a bit different from the preceding neckties, it is a felt loop with a zip that, once closed,  allow you to wear it as a tie, flexible and very tie-like, it is offered in three (four?) colours and three lengths.
  • 5749100_orig#16 Zip-Tie #2
    Very similar to the preceding with some key difference like the materials used or the dash in the product’s name, three different types are offered.
  • solartieBonus #1 Solar Tie
    Developed at the Iowa State University it uses a thin photovoltaic film to recharge electronic gadgets. It has a pocket on the back of the tip to put in said devices while recharging.
  • Bonus #2  Cassette tape tie3sonicties_tape_med2
    A beautiful, audible textile woven from 50% recorded audio cassette tape and 50% colored polyester thread

That’s all folks, we hope you enjoied our little research, we are sure this si not an exaustive list, so if you know someting that should be in here but is not please, write us and we’ll update the post.

let us know what do you think of those Alternative neckties.

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