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PlexiTie at “ROMICS”

We are proud to anounce that the PlexiTie will be hosted at the ROMICS event in Rome Romics is an International Festival dedicated to comics, animation and Games, which takes place two times a year, in April and October at

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Help us promote our IndieGogo campaign

Now that we are finally live on IndieGogo we need as much help as possible in propagating and protmoting this campaign, there are many things you can do, of course buying a tie is the best help you can give

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The PlexiTie is on IndieGogo

Finally!  The PlexiTie is on IndieGogo. We are very excited to announce the launch of the PlexiTie campaign on IndieGogo. From today (and for the next 45 days) you can finance our project and get one (or more) of our

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16 Alternative neckties

We did some research into the world of alternative ties, after all the concept of  doing a tie out of a non conventional material is nothing new. The choice is very wide and there are neckties for any taste and

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PlexiTie, what it is and how it is made.

Our product is a necktie made of plexiglass, to be exact Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) or acrylic glass,  and is based on an our original design. The PlexiTie is produced in three colors: deep blue, dark red and black fumè, all

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Our first teaser

Finally our first teaser is on line, many thanks to our friend Paul Harden that was able to produce this wonderful video with the poor material we feed him 🙂 soon there will be somenthing more extended and refined.

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On the road again

Four months ago we tought we were about to start, we were too optimist, this is not a bad thing, being optimist is a requirement for a crowdfunding project, but we were wrong, and this is not a good thing

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Meet us

We are a couple of  friends that share, among many other things, a strong creative drive and a passion for new ideas. we live both in Umbria, the green heart of Italy in the very center of this wonderful country.

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