Meet us

We are a couple of  friends that share, among many other things, a strong creative drive and a passion for new ideas. we live both in Umbria, the green heart of Italy in the very center of this wonderful country. Read more ›

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The idea

plexitie02The idea starts some time ago, the early prototypes were cool enough to be used as casual gift for friends but not a commercializable product, we knew that we could have done better but we were still without the right motivation to push this idea to an higher level, until… we stumbled upon this crowdfunding thing, and we liked the idea… a lot.

It is the perfect opportunity for a start-up, you can see if the audience likes your product before making any investment, a good project and some prototype are enough to start, success or failure are a lot more manageable in a framework like this. Read more ›

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Let’s start

This website is the launch pad of a crowdfunding project we are about to start.
The product is a tie…. or better, it looks like a tie but it is not.

It is a conversation starter, it’s new, ironic and defusing it’s made out of plexiglas, it’s transparent, colorful and shiny it’s a plexitie.

We are in the process now to produce the first road-test prototypes to fine tuning the last details and  publish some official photo, there is still a lot of work to do, Read more ›

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